zondag 13 november 2011

When it's cold outside

When it's cold outside

When it's cold outside by maartjerattestaartje

As you can see, I've brought this blog alive again xD 
This is because yesterday I've visited a school to which I want to go to when I've finished High School. 
It's called the Willem de Kooning Academie and it is in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 
The study I want to follow there is called Lifstyle and Design, which trains me to be an all-aroud stylist.
But to be allowed to this school I'll need to have a portofolio, and I figured that parts of that could be the stuff  I put on this blog. So that's why I've finally made some time to create 'a set'. It's made on Polyvore.com, which is an incredible site I've found a while ago. On it you can create sets and collections! I really recommend it to you if you love fashion and love creating outfits (:

So, you'll hear from me more often I think! 

Love, Maartje

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