donderdag 16 juni 2011

Toy Story Aliens

I found this look I made once, which was inspired by the aliens of Toy Story! It's just inspired by the colors, and it isn't very wearable. But I like how it looks. I really don't know the exact products I've used.
You can click on the photo to enlarge it!

I know that I had used a white eyepencil by GOSH as a eyeshadowbase. Over that I put a mix of 2 greencolors of the 88 palette. And for the crease I used a little of a darker green shadow. Under my eye I used a blue eyeshadow, and just lined my eyes with a black eyepencil and added some mascara. Any highlight color would be great for the browbone.

It's pretty useless because I can't remember the product I used, but I just wanted to share this look with you. I have a lot of other bright eyelooks which I can blog about, but again I can't remember the products I used with that looks ;) This is just to show some fun looks!


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