woensdag 25 mei 2011

Order from cherryculture.com

This is just a short post about some things I've bought. Today I found a nice little package in my mailbox. It was my order from: http://www.cherryculture.com/index.php
I had ordered some little things of NYX and I would like to show you!

So this is what I ordered. I had ordered it last week on sunday, so it took only 8 days before it arrived here. The packaging was very well protected, so the products survived the whole trip from America to the Netherlands. And I also received a free lip balm from cherryculture. The lip balm smells like candy and it's very sweet. I like that and it also feels nice on my lips!
I ordered two lipsticks. The left one is called Twist and it is a red-brownish color. The right one is called Lousiana and that is a very bright pink. I don't have time to swatch them now, but I'm sure you'll see them soon pass into another blogpost!
I also bought some eye pencils and liners. I really needed to have the famous NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, so I bought that one. I also bought 2 eye/eyebrow pencils in Acid Green and Teal. I really don't think that anybody would put these colors on their eyebrows, but okay that's just how NYX is calling their eye pencils ;) And the last one is the Candy Glitter Liner in Silver. I made a quick swatch of the eyepencils/liner :
From left to right it's; Teal, Acid Green, Milk and Silver!
I hope you liked this quick post.

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