donderdag 21 april 2011

Too Faced - Shadow insurance + Natural eye

I also bought some things from Too Faced. The lipstick was my first Dior thingie, and that's the same about my Too Faced purchases. I really need to try the Too Faced shadow insurance, because I was always using a white eyepencil as a base. It worked well, but I wanted a real eyeshadow base. I totally love to use natural colors on my eyes, so this Natural Eye Kit was certainly meant for me! I have to say: First I didn't understand the madness surrounding this brand. But now I totally agree, the products are amazing.
To start off with the eye kit. It was immediately my baby after the purchase. The colors are stunning. They look very normal, but I can tell you; they aren't. You can combine all colors together and I can tell you that every look will be perfect. The colors blend very well and the pigmentation is very very cool! There are 4 shadows with a nice glow in it (Silk Teddy, Push-Up, Erotica and Honey Pot) and 2 colors are very shimmery (Nude Beach and Cocoa Puff). The upper 3 colors (Heaven, Velvet Revolver and Sexspresso) are the matte ones. Normally I don't like the effect of a shimmer or a glow at my eyes, but these colors are perfect. Silk Teddy is absolutely my favorite, that is a multi-use color. You can put it on your eye lid and as a highlighter on the eyes/face. Heaven is also an amazing highlighter color! I'm really pleased with this eye kit. And the shadow insurance is also very good. It doesn't make my eye dry or oily. And the eyeshadows stays through the day, and that is just what the shadow insurance have to do :)
I love love love this brand, and I will definitely buy some more stuff in the future! I will post some looks with this amazing eyeshadows soon.

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick

A week or two weeks ago I was working at Sephora and I still had some cadeau cheques! So I decided to buy some new things ^^ and I really wanted a Dior lipstick, because I've heard a lot of good things about them. They wouldn't be very dry for the lips and they would stay for a while, so I was very curious about the Dior lipsticks. I picked one lipstick from the new Addict collection and I have number 554! A very fresh and bright pink color.

The packaging is saying; 'vibrant color spectacular shine', and that is a very good description! The color is amazing and it shines, it's not shimmery but there is nice shine in. It doesn't feel like a normal lipstick, because normally lipsticks are making the lips a little dry. But this one does the opposite. The lipstick feels like a gloss, it feels moisturizing and absolutely not dry. So that is a very good thing about it!

This is a picture with the lipstick on my lips, in real the color is brighter than in the picture. I think this is a great pink lip color, because it looks very fresh and it's definitely a nice lipstick for the spring!


For a school project for art class, me and my friend Ankie had to make Land art. Land art is art made of natural materials that are not edited. It mostly is a change you make in nature by changing the organic, natural shape of the material into something geometric and unnatural of shape. So we went into nature and created our own Land art.

Here are some examples of what we made, I especially like the first three.