zaterdag 5 februari 2011

NYX round lipsticks

Last friday a package was waiting for me to open! The NYX lipsticks were in it, and I was very curious to try them out. But I hadn't a lot of time, untill saterday evening. I swatched them out and took pictures. But it was too dark and I decided to swatch
them again, when the light would be better. So today I had enough time and

The first lipstick I tried was B52. In the packaging the color looks very dark and brown. But on my lips it looks more nude and there is a little purple undertone in it. I really like the color because my own lipcolor isn't very outstanding. And this color gives my lips more color but it's still very nude! The matte finish of the lipstick makes it also very nude. So this lipstick is definitely good to wear on a schoolday!

Next, I tried Spellbound. In the packaging it's a very bright pink color. And on my lips the color is still very bright. It is a matte color and it gives a good covering on the lips. But you've to be very carefull with the application, because it is very easy to make mistakes with a bright color like this, and it's a lot more difficult to fix those. It looks like it's a warm tone pink color, but on the lips it's more a cool tone. It is good to wear on a schoolday, if you're not afraid
to wear bright colors.

And this is Snow White. A red lipstick. I'm really curious to this color, I hope it's a nice red for me. After applying it I think they could better give a more vampy name to this lipstick. This is more a darker and warmer red than Snow White. However, I like this color. It is a great red and also has a matte finish. The application is a little difficult, because red is not easy to fix when you made a mistake. But when you apply it slowly with a steady hand it will be easier!

The next color is Hebe. Hebe is a very chic color. It is a mix between red and pinkish, a very warm color and also very classy. It isn't as bright as Snow White or Spellbound, but a lot more neutral. This color also has a little shine in it, and is easier to apply than Snow White and Spellbound. Hebe is a
color you can wear every day, it's not to bright to wear at school but it is bright enough to wear in the evening!

And the last color of today is Saturn. Saturn has, just like Hebe, a little shine in the lipstick and I really like the shine in it. It's not too much, but just very natural. It doesn't give my lips a lot more color, but it makes them looking very healthy. So this is my favourite lipstick for every day wearing, but for a night out or a party I would choose a brighter lipstick than this one.

The lipsticks are all very nice to apply, they are creamy and have a lot of pigmentation. They also cover very well, so you won't notice your own lipcolor throu
gh the lipstick. They also stay the whole day, and you can drink and eat without damaging the lipstick. I'm very pleased with the lipsticks, and I definitely will order some new lipsticks in the future!
xx, Lynn

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