dinsdag 1 februari 2011

Let's get it started!

Oops, Lynn and Simone were stalking me to post my 'introduction' too because they couldn't wait to post some stuff... So, here it is!

My name is Maartje, I'm 17 years old and I love fashion/clothing/styling.
For I love clothes, accessories, and specially SHOES... I also love to shop. 
Further I love dancing, singing and taking care of my beloved pets.

I also love to sit down somewhere and just watch people.
Watch the way the walk, the way the dress themselves, and watch how beautiful and unique every person is. Altogether you could just say that I love people.

But so far for the basics...
I'll tell you something about my passion for clothes :)

I just asked myself this question: ''Why do I love styling, and how did this love develop? ''
And I really shouldn't know when precisely that began xD
But I do know a few things:
~ That I always ( I would almost say from  the moment I was born, but I wasn't wearing anything then, and my mother also didn't look too good xD but however..)  loved to see how people dress and I could see very fast what was 'wrong' and not...
~ That I didn't always had enough guts to wear the clothes I wanted to wear.
~ That a certain person made that I began to feel more secure and made that I dared to show how I am
~ That that period of feeling more secure made that I can be totally Me now.
~ I dare to wear what I want, and I dare to love what I wear.

Well, so far for this psychological stuff...
I love clothes, and my beloved friends Lynn and Simone and I really can't wait to share my passion witch you!

Let's get it started!

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