woensdag 2 februari 2011

Just ordered new lipsticks

I'm so exited.
I just ordered my first NYX lipsticks,
and I wanted to show you which colors I picked!

I wanted to buy 6 lipsticks and the Jumbo eyepencil in Milk.
But the eyepencil was sold out, and one lipstick too. So, I have to order them another time.

Normally I don't spend my money that much on lipsticks. I'm doing more with my eyes, I always highlight my eyes and I didn't put lipstick or lipgloss on my lips at all. But I guess that has to change! I think my face will be completely finished when I put a little of product on my lips, so that's why I decided to buy some NYX lipsticks.
The NYX lipsticks aren't very expansive, and I read so much good stuff about them on the internet. So I needed to try them out.

I bought the following lipsticks ;

- First I picked the color B52. I saw some swatches on other blogs, and I was thinking; I want this!! It's a nude lipstick but I guess it will be darker than my normal lip color. In swatches the color looked very special to me, I thought I saw a little purple undertone in it. But we will see that when I swatch the color on my own lips.

- Another color is Spellbound. This is a dark pinkish color. I really needed to buy a dark pink color. Because normally I wouldn't buy it, haha. It's just that I want to expand my lipstick stash a little, and I think I need more different colors and not only light pink colors or only nude colors etc. And I was looking at some swatches and the color looked nice to me, so I bought it!

- The third color is Snow White. And no, it isn't white but red. I guess the color have to look like snow white's lips but I'm not sure about that. When I saw the swatches it looked like a red lipstick but not over-the-top red, just a warm red lipcolor which would be great with a chic pin-up look.

- The next color is Hebe. This is also a dark color pinkish brownish lipstick. Haha, I realize now that I actually ordered quit a lot dark colors, but never mind. Hebe is a fun color I guess. It looks pink, with a brown undertone in it what makes it warmer. This is also a very unique color.

- And the last color is Saturn. I really loved this color. It also is a pinkish brownish lipstick, but more lighter than Hebe. I liked how the color looked in the swatches and I hope that it will be gorgeous when I'll swatch it too!

I just can't wait untill my lipsticks will arrive. And I'm so exited to swatch the colors, to wear them and make different looks with them!
I think they will arrive within 3 or 4 days. And I just can say to you;
'If you wanna see the swatches and my thoughts about the lipsticks? Keep an eye on this website ;)'


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