woensdag 9 februari 2011

Burning Heart and Sweet Heart

I'm obsessed with eyeshadows, especially the bright colors. So it wasn't very strange that I totally fell in love with Sugarpill Cosmetics. Sugarpill is designed by an ex-seller of Kryolan, which is a theatre make-up brand with lots of bright colors with a super pigmentation! She was inspired by the brightness of the Kryolan colors and she wanted to develop bright colors which would stay the whole day and were not very ordinary but wearable. Sugarpill was born!

Wednesday I saw that there was a -15% discount on the Sugarpill eyeshadows at boozyshop.nl
I already wanted two of the palettes, and this was my change! Normally a palette is sold for €34,95 and now it was only €29,70! It was for sure that I had to buy them ;)

So, I bought two palettes: Burning Heart and Sweet Heart. There is also a third palette, which is called Cold Heart. I didn't bought that because there are 3 of the 4 colors already in the other palettes, so I would only miss the black color and I could live with that! Because I already have a good black eyeshadow by Make-Up Forever, so that palette wasn't necessary for me!
Burning Heart:
As you can see there are 4 colors in the packaging. They look very matte, but when I took the photo's I saw a little shimmer in the red and purple color. But it wasn't very much, so I guess the colors will appaer matte on the eye.

Flamepoint is the name of the orange color. It's not a cooltone orange, but more a warmtone. The pigmentation of the color is awesome and it also blends very well.
Buttercupcake is the name of the yellow color. Again, it's not a cooltone yellow, but there is a warmtone in it. What I really like, because I already have a cooltone yellow eyeshadow, but I didn't have a warmtoned one!
Love+ is the name of the red color. This color has a little little little shimmer in it, but when I swatch it it's matte. It's very rare to find a good pigmentated red eyeshadow, so if you're looking for one, I definitely recommend this color!
Poison Plum is the purple color. I heard a lot of good things about this color, it has to be the greatest purple ever. And I can say you, it is! With one little touch on the eyeshadow your whole finger appears purple, in a possitive way!
Sweet Heart;
This palette is definitely sweeter than the other palette. But there is nothing wrong with the pigmentation, which is still aaaaamazing! Just like Burning Heart it has a shimmer turned color on the photo's, but in real life I can't see it when I swatch it. But the green color looks a little shimmery.

Dollipop is the pink color. And normally I don't like pink eyeshadows, because most of the time they make my eyes sad. But this color is great! It's the pinkished pink you've ever seen, and again with one touch your finger will be totally pink, I like it:)
Afterparty is the blue color. Afterparty is a unique color. It is a mix and match between dark and light blue. You can build it up very well so you can make it as blue as you want, what is very nice!
Midori is the green color. And this is also a very unique color. I've never seen a green like that, and I'm sure I will use it a lot.
Tako is the white color. This is a really white white. Whiter than this you won't find I guess. Also a very pigmentated and matte color!

I'm very happy with this palettes. And the colors are amaaaazing! The pigmentation is great, and you definitely get the color in the pans on your eyes. The pans are so big and you need a little for a good result, so I can use this palettes forever!! I like a lot, and I definitely can recommend this shadows if you want to have bright and good colors :)

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  1. Waaauw, Sweet Heart is like exectly my coulours! <3
    We need to go and do an all-togheter-project veryberry soon!