vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Just some pictures

Just some random pictures that I want to share with you. This week I was most of the time studying so I got bored and took some photos.
The picture of me on my bike I took on a very lovely day. The sun was finally shining and I immediately felt happy.


woensdag 16 februari 2011


Today I wanted to play with my make-up a little. I took the Burning Heart palette, and I wanted to make an eyelook with the red color.
This is how the look looked, haha!
As a base I used a white eyepencil by GOSH and I applied the red eyeshadow (Love +) of the Burning Heart palette. I applied a black color (Diamond Black by MUFE) in the crease and the outer V of the eyelid. And at the edges of the black I applied a purple eyeshadow (Poison Plum). The eyeliner is Mac blacktrack and the mascara is Sephora's lash stretcher

A short post this time, but I don't have a lot to tell ;)
xx, Lynn

maandag 14 februari 2011

On saturday I had to go to the city because I needed a present for Hannah. So I took my sister with me. It was really nice because I don't see her that much since she is studying in Nijmegen. We went to the H&M (where I bought THE shirt) and other shops. And at the end we sat down in the Douwe Egberts where we had a latte and food.

We also went to the six where I saw these glasess. Pretty nice, I think. But I'm not going to buy them because I saw another one. That one was cooler!


donderdag 10 februari 2011


Yesterday evening I already tried the Sugarpill palettes a little. But the looks didn't turn out very well, so I decided to start over today and I like the finished look :) on the picture above, my eyes look a little sad because of the pink, but in real life it looks nice haha. This was my inspiration; http://www.beautytreat.nl/?p=7622 I liked her look, but the pink eyebrows were a little too much for me, haha! So this is what I came up with;

I started with a base, this time I used an eyepencil by Sephora in 03 pure white. I like to use a white eyepencil because it makes the eyeshadow appears brighter. I started to apply Midori (green) all over my eyelid and in my crease. I also applied Afterparty (blue) in my crease and I blended those two together. Than I decided to add a pigment (loose eyeshadow powder) by coastal scents in Spirit (green with gold shimmer). I applied Dollipop (pink) underneath my eyes and in the inner corner of my eyes I applied Tako (white) which I also used under my eyebrow and at the end of the blue/green color to give it a soft edge. And I lined my eyes with Make-Up Forever's 307 Diamond Black and I finished the eyes off with mascara.

On my lips I used two products. First I applied NYX Round lipstick in Spellbound. On top of that I applied my OCC lip tar in Pageant, which is a very bright pink lipgloss. On the photo it doesn't look that bright, but I can tell you; it's bright!

Because of the bright lips and eyes I didn't use a very bright blush. I used a light peachy blush by Catrice in 110 Coral Sand. And I also contoured my cheeks a little with a brown contouring powder :)

That was everything I guess. I have to say; I already fell in love with my Sugarpill stuffies! :) I like them a lot, and they are awesome. The shadows are bright, good pigmentated, very well to blend and they stay for a long long long time! Wauww,

woensdag 9 februari 2011

Burning Heart and Sweet Heart

I'm obsessed with eyeshadows, especially the bright colors. So it wasn't very strange that I totally fell in love with Sugarpill Cosmetics. Sugarpill is designed by an ex-seller of Kryolan, which is a theatre make-up brand with lots of bright colors with a super pigmentation! She was inspired by the brightness of the Kryolan colors and she wanted to develop bright colors which would stay the whole day and were not very ordinary but wearable. Sugarpill was born!

Wednesday I saw that there was a -15% discount on the Sugarpill eyeshadows at boozyshop.nl
I already wanted two of the palettes, and this was my change! Normally a palette is sold for €34,95 and now it was only €29,70! It was for sure that I had to buy them ;)

So, I bought two palettes: Burning Heart and Sweet Heart. There is also a third palette, which is called Cold Heart. I didn't bought that because there are 3 of the 4 colors already in the other palettes, so I would only miss the black color and I could live with that! Because I already have a good black eyeshadow by Make-Up Forever, so that palette wasn't necessary for me!
Burning Heart:
As you can see there are 4 colors in the packaging. They look very matte, but when I took the photo's I saw a little shimmer in the red and purple color. But it wasn't very much, so I guess the colors will appaer matte on the eye.

Flamepoint is the name of the orange color. It's not a cooltone orange, but more a warmtone. The pigmentation of the color is awesome and it also blends very well.
Buttercupcake is the name of the yellow color. Again, it's not a cooltone yellow, but there is a warmtone in it. What I really like, because I already have a cooltone yellow eyeshadow, but I didn't have a warmtoned one!
Love+ is the name of the red color. This color has a little little little shimmer in it, but when I swatch it it's matte. It's very rare to find a good pigmentated red eyeshadow, so if you're looking for one, I definitely recommend this color!
Poison Plum is the purple color. I heard a lot of good things about this color, it has to be the greatest purple ever. And I can say you, it is! With one little touch on the eyeshadow your whole finger appears purple, in a possitive way!
Sweet Heart;
This palette is definitely sweeter than the other palette. But there is nothing wrong with the pigmentation, which is still aaaaamazing! Just like Burning Heart it has a shimmer turned color on the photo's, but in real life I can't see it when I swatch it. But the green color looks a little shimmery.

Dollipop is the pink color. And normally I don't like pink eyeshadows, because most of the time they make my eyes sad. But this color is great! It's the pinkished pink you've ever seen, and again with one touch your finger will be totally pink, I like it:)
Afterparty is the blue color. Afterparty is a unique color. It is a mix and match between dark and light blue. You can build it up very well so you can make it as blue as you want, what is very nice!
Midori is the green color. And this is also a very unique color. I've never seen a green like that, and I'm sure I will use it a lot.
Tako is the white color. This is a really white white. Whiter than this you won't find I guess. Also a very pigmentated and matte color!

I'm very happy with this palettes. And the colors are amaaaazing! The pigmentation is great, and you definitely get the color in the pans on your eyes. The pans are so big and you need a little for a good result, so I can use this palettes forever!! I like a lot, and I definitely can recommend this shadows if you want to have bright and good colors :)

maandag 7 februari 2011

New H&M

The same day we shot the pictures, me and Maartje also went to the City. That was mainly because we wanted to check out the new and improved H&M in 's-Hertogenbosch. It wasn't totally finished but there already were new fitting rooms. I tried some things on,

first I tried the harem pants on. I really love harem pants because they are just very comfortable and they look nice with flip flops but also with heels. I didn't buy it because I don't have that much money but I like it!

Then I tried on a white blazer. Normally I wear black blazers so this was just something different. I really like it but you could see my tanktop through the blazer and then for 25 euros... It's a little too much I think.

I also tried some kind of tanktop but then with two layers. Out of the three things I tried on, I liked this one the most. I think it matches my skintone very well and there is just a lot of volume in it.

Also saw some amazing shoes that I really want to have. But I'm just waiting until I get my pocket money so that I can buy them.

(ps: I hate the way I hold my camera)

zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Natural Brown

This is a look I made a while ago. And I wanted to show it here, and tell you what I've used. ;)
I was playing with the Sleek palette in Storm, so most of the colors on my eyes are from that palette!

What I've used on my eyes;
- GOSH white eyepencil as a base
- Sleek Storm palette no.1 on the whole eyelid
- Sleek Storm palette no.11 in the crease and above the crease
- Sleek Storm palette no.6 in the outer V of my eye
- Sleek Storm palette no.7 in the outer V and on the outer lower lashline
- Sleek Storm palette no.2 under my eyebrow and at the teardrops of my eye
- Sleek Storm palette no.12 at the lower lashline
- Mac blacktrack gelliner at my upper lashline
- Sephora mascara

What I've used on my cheeks;
- A brown blush to contour
- Sephora Blush Me in abricot no.11
- Sephora highlighting powder in rose/pink

And what I've used on my lips;
- MNY lipgloss in 577

So that was pretty much everything! And I guess there will be more looks coming online soon,
xx Lynn

NYX round lipsticks

Last friday a package was waiting for me to open! The NYX lipsticks were in it, and I was very curious to try them out. But I hadn't a lot of time, untill saterday evening. I swatched them out and took pictures. But it was too dark and I decided to swatch
them again, when the light would be better. So today I had enough time and

The first lipstick I tried was B52. In the packaging the color looks very dark and brown. But on my lips it looks more nude and there is a little purple undertone in it. I really like the color because my own lipcolor isn't very outstanding. And this color gives my lips more color but it's still very nude! The matte finish of the lipstick makes it also very nude. So this lipstick is definitely good to wear on a schoolday!

Next, I tried Spellbound. In the packaging it's a very bright pink color. And on my lips the color is still very bright. It is a matte color and it gives a good covering on the lips. But you've to be very carefull with the application, because it is very easy to make mistakes with a bright color like this, and it's a lot more difficult to fix those. It looks like it's a warm tone pink color, but on the lips it's more a cool tone. It is good to wear on a schoolday, if you're not afraid
to wear bright colors.

And this is Snow White. A red lipstick. I'm really curious to this color, I hope it's a nice red for me. After applying it I think they could better give a more vampy name to this lipstick. This is more a darker and warmer red than Snow White. However, I like this color. It is a great red and also has a matte finish. The application is a little difficult, because red is not easy to fix when you made a mistake. But when you apply it slowly with a steady hand it will be easier!

The next color is Hebe. Hebe is a very chic color. It is a mix between red and pinkish, a very warm color and also very classy. It isn't as bright as Snow White or Spellbound, but a lot more neutral. This color also has a little shine in it, and is easier to apply than Snow White and Spellbound. Hebe is a
color you can wear every day, it's not to bright to wear at school but it is bright enough to wear in the evening!

And the last color of today is Saturn. Saturn has, just like Hebe, a little shine in the lipstick and I really like the shine in it. It's not too much, but just very natural. It doesn't give my lips a lot more color, but it makes them looking very healthy. So this is my favourite lipstick for every day wearing, but for a night out or a party I would choose a brighter lipstick than this one.

The lipsticks are all very nice to apply, they are creamy and have a lot of pigmentation. They also cover very well, so you won't notice your own lipcolor throu
gh the lipstick. They also stay the whole day, and you can drink and eat without damaging the lipstick. I'm very pleased with the lipsticks, and I definitely will order some new lipsticks in the future!
xx, Lynn

Just Maartje

The first look of the day shoot!
We went trough the storm, rain and mud just to make these photos. Maartje looked very natural, I like that! Her clothes are very beautiful, fun and also sophisticated! As you can see on the photos, the weather wasn't great. But although I think we shot some beautiful pictures. We had so much fun doing this! Hope to post something like this soon!


donderdag 3 februari 2011

Must have

Just recieved a mail from H&M and I saw this T-shirt and I really really like it. If I see John Lennon and Yoko Ono, I immediately think of peace. Why couldn't we just all live in peace? It would make everything much easier. I think I'm going to buy this shirt.

I love T-shirts with a message or a print. Some may think that they are boring. But I just love to combine these shirts with vests or jackets. There are so much possibilities. Here is my beloved T-shirt collection.


woensdag 2 februari 2011

Just ordered new lipsticks

I'm so exited.
I just ordered my first NYX lipsticks,
and I wanted to show you which colors I picked!

I wanted to buy 6 lipsticks and the Jumbo eyepencil in Milk.
But the eyepencil was sold out, and one lipstick too. So, I have to order them another time.

Normally I don't spend my money that much on lipsticks. I'm doing more with my eyes, I always highlight my eyes and I didn't put lipstick or lipgloss on my lips at all. But I guess that has to change! I think my face will be completely finished when I put a little of product on my lips, so that's why I decided to buy some NYX lipsticks.
The NYX lipsticks aren't very expansive, and I read so much good stuff about them on the internet. So I needed to try them out.

I bought the following lipsticks ;

- First I picked the color B52. I saw some swatches on other blogs, and I was thinking; I want this!! It's a nude lipstick but I guess it will be darker than my normal lip color. In swatches the color looked very special to me, I thought I saw a little purple undertone in it. But we will see that when I swatch the color on my own lips.

- Another color is Spellbound. This is a dark pinkish color. I really needed to buy a dark pink color. Because normally I wouldn't buy it, haha. It's just that I want to expand my lipstick stash a little, and I think I need more different colors and not only light pink colors or only nude colors etc. And I was looking at some swatches and the color looked nice to me, so I bought it!

- The third color is Snow White. And no, it isn't white but red. I guess the color have to look like snow white's lips but I'm not sure about that. When I saw the swatches it looked like a red lipstick but not over-the-top red, just a warm red lipcolor which would be great with a chic pin-up look.

- The next color is Hebe. This is also a dark color pinkish brownish lipstick. Haha, I realize now that I actually ordered quit a lot dark colors, but never mind. Hebe is a fun color I guess. It looks pink, with a brown undertone in it what makes it warmer. This is also a very unique color.

- And the last color is Saturn. I really loved this color. It also is a pinkish brownish lipstick, but more lighter than Hebe. I liked how the color looked in the swatches and I hope that it will be gorgeous when I'll swatch it too!

I just can't wait untill my lipsticks will arrive. And I'm so exited to swatch the colors, to wear them and make different looks with them!
I think they will arrive within 3 or 4 days. And I just can say to you;
'If you wanna see the swatches and my thoughts about the lipsticks? Keep an eye on this website ;)'


Must-haves from dressedonline.nl

I just thought about sharing some stuff I just saw when I was online-shopping... 
 Soo here it comes!

I really, totally, absolutely loooove this blazer! I would wear it with my purple harem pants. yeaah.
Its sooo bad that I am supposed to save my money for when I go to Paris and New York in April/May...
But on the other side... I do need some very nice outfits to wear when I'm there... Haha.

 I also really love these shoes, but I know I don't need any heels. I really don't need them. But I do neeeed to have them... Dilemma, dilemma.
This jumpsuit is just... Heaven! When I see it, I just can't wait till summer! Yeah, I totally need it :p


dinsdag 1 februari 2011

Let's get it started!

Oops, Lynn and Simone were stalking me to post my 'introduction' too because they couldn't wait to post some stuff... So, here it is!

My name is Maartje, I'm 17 years old and I love fashion/clothing/styling.
For I love clothes, accessories, and specially SHOES... I also love to shop. 
Further I love dancing, singing and taking care of my beloved pets.

I also love to sit down somewhere and just watch people.
Watch the way the walk, the way the dress themselves, and watch how beautiful and unique every person is. Altogether you could just say that I love people.

But so far for the basics...
I'll tell you something about my passion for clothes :)

I just asked myself this question: ''Why do I love styling, and how did this love develop? ''
And I really shouldn't know when precisely that began xD
But I do know a few things:
~ That I always ( I would almost say from  the moment I was born, but I wasn't wearing anything then, and my mother also didn't look too good xD but however..)  loved to see how people dress and I could see very fast what was 'wrong' and not...
~ That I didn't always had enough guts to wear the clothes I wanted to wear.
~ That a certain person made that I began to feel more secure and made that I dared to show how I am
~ That that period of feeling more secure made that I can be totally Me now.
~ I dare to wear what I want, and I dare to love what I wear.

Well, so far for this psychological stuff...
I love clothes, and my beloved friends Lynn and Simone and I really can't wait to share my passion witch you!

Let's get it started!