donderdag 27 januari 2011

It's me, Simone

Now it is my time to introduce myself. First, the basic talk. I'm 16 years old and going to school. I love to swim, shop, relax, read, listen to music (especially Jason Mraz), laugh, and I love to b
e inspired. But the most important thing is, I love to be me.

Maartje and Lynn are very good friends of mine and we came together to start this 'thing'. I love the idea that everyone can bring something different to the table. My input will be photography. For me it really is a passion. Because you can make people happy with your pictures . I always make pictures of the flowers in my grandpartens' garden. And when I give the picture to them, they immediately place them in the room and show them to everbody who visits. That's one thing about photography that I love.

Someday I want to own a very professional camera, but that will take while. So I have no other option than to use my own casio exilim or borrow the proffesional camera of my aunt. The on

ly problem is that I don't know how to ask her. But we'll see.
In blog language, I'll keep you posted.

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