donderdag 27 januari 2011

Lynn's introduction


my name is Lynn, and I’m 16 years old. I live in the Netherlands and I started this blog with Simone and Maartje to write about our passions.

My make-up addiction started at the age of 14 I guess. I watched YouTube video’s and my addiction became bigger and bigger and bigger… I’ve practiced a lot since that age, so that’s for 2 years now. I went to some make-up work-shops where I’ve learned a lot, and I want to show you guys some of my tips and tricks. It’s my dream to become a make-up artist later, but first I have to finish school ;)

And then my friends Maartje and Simone came with the idea to start our own blog. I really liked the idea. Because we could combine our passions so you can read about fashion, beauty and photography at one blog!

But besides make-up and beauty, I also have another life! As every girl I love to shop, I have only one problem; the money. Most of my money I spend at eyeshadows, lipglosses and other beauty stuff.. So I don't have that much money for clothes and shoes, but that's my own fault.

I also love to listen to music, without music I can’t live!

So, I guess this is enough information for now!

I’ll speak to you soon again,

Xx Lynn

It's me, Simone

Now it is my time to introduce myself. First, the basic talk. I'm 16 years old and going to school. I love to swim, shop, relax, read, listen to music (especially Jason Mraz), laugh, and I love to b
e inspired. But the most important thing is, I love to be me.

Maartje and Lynn are very good friends of mine and we came together to start this 'thing'. I love the idea that everyone can bring something different to the table. My input will be photography. For me it really is a passion. Because you can make people happy with your pictures . I always make pictures of the flowers in my grandpartens' garden. And when I give the picture to them, they immediately place them in the room and show them to everbody who visits. That's one thing about photography that I love.

Someday I want to own a very professional camera, but that will take while. So I have no other option than to use my own casio exilim or borrow the proffesional camera of my aunt. The on

ly problem is that I don't know how to ask her. But we'll see.
In blog language, I'll keep you posted.